As a child, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and work in the field of education. Now being an administrator, I look forward to making a larger impact for my students, teachers, families, and community.


Former Algebra 1 students returning to visit my new students and giving them advice on how to be successful. 

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Montclair State University                                                                                                               

BS in Mathematics with Teacher Certification         GPA: 3.856     Graduated: 2011

MS in Educational Leadership                                     GPA: 4.0       Graduated: 2017

* Standard Certificate Teacher of Mathematics (K-12)

* Standard Certificate Elementary School Science Specialization (5-8)

* Standard Certificate Supervisor & CE Certificate Principal


Bordentown Regional School District, Bordentown, NJ                                                                        July 2020 – Present

District Test Coordinator

  • Responsible for overseeing state-mandated testing in the district, including NJSLA, ACCESS, and DLM.
  • Work collaboratively with School Test Coordinators, Director of Technology, Counselors, and the Office of Special Services.
  • Meet throughout the year with the STCs to prepare for testing and to share requirements and guidelines.
  • Position coexists with my position of Supervisor of Mathematics (6-12).

Bordentown Regional School District, Bordentown, NJ                                                                        July 2019 – Present

Supervisor of Mathematics (grades 6 – 12)

  • Responsible for the overall direction of curriculum development and instruction for all mathematics courses, grades 6-12.
  • Work collaboratively with building level administration relative to establishing building-wide curriculum goals and supervision practices to achieve and maintain the best educational program and environment for teaching and learning.
  • Observe and evaluate the performance of instructional personnel through the Danielson Model; observed educators ranging from grades 5-12 and within the Mathematics, Science, and Music departments.
  • Developed virtual instruction guidelines with the Curriculum Department and building principals when the pandemic first hit.
  • Member of the Restart Committee during the pandemic and participated in the Instruction and Personnel sub-committees.
  • Assisted in the development of schedules for the middle and high schools during the different phases of the reopening plan.
  • Worked collaboratively with teachers across the district on implementing Google tools and apps during virtual learning, including creating tutorial videos, leading group online learning sessions, and sharing tips via email; currently maintain a Google Level 1 Certified Educator certificate.
  • Developed a full-year Algebra 1 program for 9th grade students that focuses on Algebraic comprehension, mathematical discourse, real-world applications, and project-based assignments.
  • Working collaboratively with the math department to develop common assessments for our Algebra 1 program.
  • Led a middle school textbook adoption process, resulting in the installment of McGraw Hill’s Reveal Math program; teachers were given access to Arrive Math for remediation support and the ALEKS program for remediation, acceleration, and data analysis.
  • Led in-service training and professional development in Edcamp model for K-8 all staff, Google apps training for 6-12 all staff, Developing Equitable Practices for Now and the Future for K-12 all staff, and New-Teacher Orientation during the Summer.
  • Organize and develop monthly after-school workshops, focused on instruction and technology, for the Math department.
  • Visit classrooms frequently to build relationships with students and classroom teachers, while engaging teachers in conversations about teaching strategies and resources.
  • Attended personal professional development on “Teaching Students to Self-Assess and Set Goals”, “Maximizing Your School’s Culture and Climate”, and “Leadership for Socially and Emotionally Responsive Schools”.
  • Assist building-level administrators with department budgeting, purchasing, and inventory of resources.
  • Active role in scheduling and staffing for math department in both middle and high school.
  • Lead hiring process, which includes interviewing and recommending of personnel, for open math positions.
  • Analyze testing data for the mathematics department and share data relative to student performance.
  • Participate as a member and leader in professional learning communities (PLC’s) for middle and high school.
  • Participate as a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).
  • Attend weekly Curriculum department meetings and monthly Educational Leader meetings.

Ridgway Middle School, Edgewater Park, NJ                                                                         September 2018 – June 2019

Mathematics Data Dashboard Facilitator

  • Developed and maintained a math data dashboard for grades 6-8 that consisted of LinkIt! Assessment data, standards, and personal analysis of students’ internal assessment results.
  • Analyzed, edited, and created common unit assessments for grades 6-8 math, including Algebra I.
  • Organized and facilitated monthly PLCs with the math department to analyze data and discuss remediation strategies and best instructional practices.
  • Presented quarterly data analysis to the district administrative team with suggestions for next steps to support student achievement and teacher professional development.
  • Presented to the Edgewater Park Board of Education on the goals and implementation of LinkIt! and common assessments.

Ridgway Middle School, Edgewater Park, NJ                                                                         September 2012 – June 2019

8th grade Mathematics/Science Teacher

  • Taught 8th grade mathematics, including enrichment (Algebra I), general education, and inclusion, as well as 8th grade science courses, consisting of Chemistry and Physics content.
  • Recognized as the 2017-18 Ridgway Middle School Teacher of the Year.
  • Developed an after-school program for students entitled, “Own It: Mathematics”, a 10-week course that combined mathematics and teaching life skills and how students can own their learning.
  • Algebra I classes achieved one hundred percent passing rate on PARCC/NJ-SLA for ’15-’16, ’16-’17, and ’17-’18 school years.
  • Led a tuition-based partnership with Delanco School District for students to enroll in my Algebra I course.
  • Created a digital Google Curriculum Portal for the district to upload all curriculum documents online.
  • Analyzed and updated curriculum for all grades (K-8) and disciplines within the district.
  • Analyzed data from internal assessments, such as LinkIt!, Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress testing (NWEA MAP), and external assessments, such as PARCC and NJSLA data.
  • Organized and facilitated professional development for the Math Department on topics such as analyzing state assessment data, creating pacing guides, utilizing student data to impact instruction, and developing common assessments.
  • Developed interview questions and sat on the interview panel for one of our math department openings.
  • Developed new curriculum when the Science department transitioned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
  • Obtained numerous professional development hours on such topics as Sheltered Instruction, Google Classroom, Close Reads, STEAM Design Challenges, Technology to Support Classroom Instruction, and Growth Mindset.
  • Mentored a new staff member in the Science department during the 2018 school year.
  • Participated as a member of the Positive Behavior Support in School (PBSIS) committee for multiple years.
  • Co-directed the Ridgway Stagecrafters Drama Club, which consisted of teaching vocals, choreography, acting, and building sets for an hour long Broadway Junior musical performed in the Spring.
  • Completed 300 hours of Administrative Internship under the mentorship of Principal Ronald Trampe from January-May 2017.
  • Completed 150 hours of Superintendent Internship under the mentorship of Superintendent Dr. Roy Rakszawski from May-August 2017.
  • Organized and planned the 8th grade graduation trip to Baltimore for 5 years.