Education Resume

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Michael Anthony Melvin Resume

Education & Certification
Montclair State University                                                                                                                           

BS in Mathematics with Teacher Certification   *highly qualified in mathematics (gr. K-12) and middle school science (gr. 5-8)                                        GPA: 3.856

MS in Educational Leadership  *anticipated graduation of Summer 2017

GPA: 4.0

Teaching and Work Experience
Ridgway Middle School, Edgewater Park, NJ                                                                  September 2012 – Present

8th grade Mathematics and Science Teacher

  • Teach both mathematics and science courses for eighth grade, including honors, regular ed, and inclusion settings
  • Create daily and weekly lesson plans outlining objectives, state standards, activities, materials needed, and assignments.
  • Communicate with students’ counselors and parents regarding areas of concern, as well as areas of improvement and achievement.
  • Participate in IEP and 504 meetings to discuss development of student with their family and faculty.
  • Spend prep periods, before school, and after school tutoring and helping students in math and science.
  • Experience working with SMI and MAP data.
  • Experience implementing and choosing new textbook for 8th grade curriculum and middle school science curriculum.
  • Participate in summer camp for implementing new ideas for current curriculum.
  • Co-director of Ridgway Stagecrafters, our school drama club.
  • Created an after school program for students interested in Algebra and advanced mathematics.
  • Member of PBSIS committee – Positive Behavior Support in School.
  • Plan school-wide events for students and staff, such as School Skating Trip, 8th Grade Baltimore Trip, and Phillies Staff Game
  • Achieved one hundred percent passing rate for Algebra I students for 2015-16 school year.
  • Developed monthly staff celebrations to acknowledge the work and achievements of our staff.
  • Taught Algebra to Delanco students through tuition-based program.


Maple Shade High School, Maple Shade, NJ                                                                  March 2012 – June 2012

Mathematics Teacher (Long-Term Substitute)

  • Filled in for Dawn Pizzo, a junior high math teacher, due to an unforeseen injury.
  • Taught Connected Math 7 inclusion class, a second Connected Math 7 class, and an Honors Algebra 8th grade class for Ms. Pizzo.
  • Filled in for Anna James, a junior high math teacher, for a maternity leave.
  • Taught Connected Math 7 class, a Connected Math 8 class, and a 9th grade Algebra class for Mrs. James.


Pennsauken High School, Pennsauken, NJ                                                               September 2011 – January 2012

Mathematics Teacher (Long-Term Substitute)

  • Math teacher for 10th grade inclusion Algebra I Tech class, 11th grade Pre-Calculus Honors class, and 11thgrade Algebra II class.
  • Graded all homework, quizzes, tests, and projects, while keeping track of grades and development throughout marking periods.
  • Assisted with the new Renaissance Cafeteria for students in the Renaissance Program.
  • Co-taught an inclusion class (period and half) in Algebra I that consisted of self-contained students, students with IEP’s, and students who failed Algebra I during their freshmen year.


College of Science and Mathematics, Montclair State University                                    January 2011 – May 2011

Student Mentor for LSAMP

  • Served as mentor, advisor, tutor, and teacher to freshman and sophomore students in the LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation) program at Montclair State University.
  • Met weekly to discuss academics and life and how to deal with stress, organization, and time management.